Web Seven Closure
Dear Clients,

For anyone who would like to maintain their current site and email hosting:

Carl will be happy to keep the server running for another year, (possibly longer if there are enough numbers still hosting), for those who would like to maintain their current site and email hosting.

Please contact Carl directly at


Prior to June 1st.

Dear valued clients

You can still access the site backend here: https://backend.ezycat.com

You can still access webmail here.

Due to personal issues, Web Seven will cease business immediately and provide only hosting (site and email) maintenance for the remainder of the financial year. Current hosting contracts will be maintained until their normal expiry of 30 June 2017, midnight.

You can download your product details (including image URL), orders and registered users as CSV files from your site backend, under 'EXPORTS' - please check as the link only shows at specific times after hours.

We recommend BigCommerce or Web Ninja as similar platforms to ezyCat, as options for you to consider when moving forward with a new site. Your current site CANNOT be moved to a new server. Please have your new site ready to go live by 15 June 2017, so that you have some time to fix any issues. The servers will be terminated on July 1 2017.

We gratefully thank you for all your years of loyalty, business and friendship.

Yours Sincerely
Carl & Kelly Berggren